Monday, November 12, 2007

Movie Review: No Country for Old Men, Indeed

Movie "Review" #1:
If you like Coen Brother movies and are in the mood to see a movie that is suspenseful, bloody and in a very few places has traces of pitch black comedy, this flick might be for you. If you are a vegetarian and/or animal rights proponent and are already aware of the effects of a cattle air gun you will not be as surprised as I was witnessing its effects and you if need a particularly gruesome example to convert other friends to vegetarianism you might want to add this to your NetFlix queue today. If you like the West Texas countryside and the 1980's you will also feel right at home with the expansive and for the majority empty landscapes mixed with 80's cowboy fashion (see Josh Brolin's tight-ish jeans and Woody Harrelson's suit stolen from the Dallas costume archives). The majority of the film is a wonderful nightmare you never want to end revealing rich, super messed up and complex characters thrown into a situation caused by one man's lack of just sitting down and thinking things through before action is taken. But then some the completely unpredictable climax is concluded by a slow and rambling denouement that seems to go on forever long after you've stopped giving a damn, that is unless you are a middle-aged man at the end of your career that you stopped being good at long time ago after you've figured out that the good guys get knocked off frequently and you'd prefer to live. According to the book review I just read, No Country for Old Men is adapted from a dark novel by Cormac McCarthy. Knowing absolutely nothing about the author, I have to question the relationships with the women in his life given the simplistic ladies depicted in the flick and novel. The generic worried wife and overbearing mother characters are common and by now sadly forgivable errors in media and I for one have grown to deal with them. I'm a little surprised by the Coen Bros failing to rectify this, maybe they were just in one of those moods. Given its minor faults, if I had to do last Saturday over again, I would still, however, see this movie. There are more than a few lines that are brilliant in their directness and economy and the coin-tossing killer with a strict code of screwed up morals will thrill 17 year old boys across the country. In short, I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's the best movie to come out in a long while even though most think the ending blows.
(Update: 1/9/08 - I'm STILL thinking about this movie and it could not have ended any other way.)