Friday, January 18, 2008

Useless Information

Weekend Plans:

  1. Celebrate 7 years w/ Adam by consuming medium rare steak and red wine.
  2. Clean out t-shirt drawer.
  3. Beat Goron Temple and find Northeastern Sea Chart. (Where are those bombchus?)
  4. See Cloverfield.
  5. Go to art show in West Philly.
  6. Pizza party in Fishtown.
  7. Spend time with little bro at Franklin Institute.
  8. Sunday family dinner at our place.
  9. Observe MLK’s b-day by sleeping until 9:30am.
  10. Finish uploading photos for last post.
  11. Catch up on my reading and Netflix queue.
  12. Succumb to the part of my brain that considers this a full and satisfying 3 days and that in no way should i feel bad about enjoying myself even though nowhere on the list is making art or writing mentioned.