Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Heeeeere's Jodie!!!!

I just wanted to share this quote from Jodie Foster talking about her new comedy island adventure movie for girls, "Nim's Island", which just had its premier this past Sunday. I've seen the previews and must admit that if I were eight right now, I'd be super psyched to see it. I'm thinking a double feature with "The Goonies".

But here's why Jodie thinks her new flick is a good one...

"With a film like this, you see that you don't need videogame characters and laser tag in order for it to be interesting," she explained. (Yahoo News)

Well put, Jodie.

I've always said you really don't need laser tag to make a great film. I'm glad some one has finally given this issue a voice.

"Mikey" finds the secret cave of One-Eyed Willie without the aid of lasers.