Monday, April 14, 2008

Sakura Sunday

A brief moment of blue sky. Cherry Blossom Festival, Sunday, April 13, 2008.

Sorry, no critique, insights aiming to be insightful or attempts at wit today. Beck and I volunteered at Sakura Sunday at the Horticultural Center in Fairmount Park and it was amazing. Mom hung out a bit with us too and we were all in awe of the dancers, drummers and general revelry at the event. There were so many people there of all races, classes and creeds. There were Japanaphiles, huge dorks with newly purchased novelty weapons, European tourists, hordes of fat Americans on line for the Texas BBQ tent, children (Japanese and non-Japanese) in the most colorful and festive kimonos and happis all braving the unseasonably chilly wind and savoring the brief moments of sunshine with pink and white petals floating peacefully here and there amidst the celebrations. Japan's Cherry Blossom Queen could be seen in the VIP tent, her crown glistened and her bright red kimono beamed through the plastic window of the tent. The sights, sounds and sense of community were enough to make me forget about my hangover. And I took some crappy video to share with my loyal reader(s). It was a very good day in Philadelphia.

Please to enjoy.

Unfortunately, you probably can't see their huge smiles and ridiculously defined arms. They were having so much fun.


Sure, these ladies look delicate and doll-like, but I'm sure they all curse like sailors.

Again, not sure if you can see their smiles, but they were having a blast.