Friday, April 18, 2008

New Muppet Movie?

Kermit, naked.

Jason Segel is like having the best year ever. New movie, soaring TV ratings thanks to Ms. Spears, future projects coming out his ass. Man, I wish I was friends with Apatow. So, now I hear that Jason's been tapped to write the new Muppet movie. Yet another person that is not me is doing something I might have liked to try. Jeez, I have got to get my shit together already. Apparently, his character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall is writing a puppet musical version of Dracula and Henson's creature shop made the Muppets in the movie. Despite my frustration with the relentless promotion of what is sure to be a mediocre, slightly dirty comedy, I think I will be dragging the Mr. to the theater this weekend.

Jason, also naked.