Monday, April 21, 2008

"Suddenly there was this...

strange sound, like something from another world. And when the light came back this weird plant was just sitting there. Just, you know, stuck in, among the zinnias."

While watering my plants yesterday, I found this flower growing on a mystery plant I've been tending for about a year from a clipping given to me by my father's LTLF (Long Term Lady Friend). I wouldn't even have noticed the flower had I not been forced to move the plants around it after I spilling water all over the window sill.

What the hell is it?

Here is the plant that spawned the flower. Is spawned the right term?

And to make matters even stranger and more unusual - when I brought Adam over to the plant last night to show him what I made (with nature's help), the flower had closed up shop for the night. Ooooo-weeee-oooooooo. I will be sure to let everyone know if it starts mumbling, "Feed me, Megan."