Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Bold, The Bad and The Buffy

NPR's Morning Edition correspondent, Jamie Tarabay and her voice has always irked me. She has this little girl tone and an inability to pronounce the letter "R". I know, it's wrong of me to pick on her, especially for attributes she really can't change. Like most people, I like it when other people like what I like. Now I'm more inclined to be less critical of Ms. Tarabay and her infuriating affectations because she shares something with me and lot of other folks I know. While not interviewing troops or narrowly avoiding death from IED's in Baghdad, when she does have some down time, Jamie turns to the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer for comfort, therapy, inspiration and other things one should not expect from a television show.

Admittedly, Jamie's use of Buffy in order to deal with her extremely dangerous reporting gig in Iraq is a little more reasonable than my use of Buffy to just deal in general.

Check out Monday's story on NPR here.

Easy, breezy, beautiful, Chosen One.