Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Another Cat Remembered

Peeps in our Chicago apartment.

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you, fair readers, of the passing for Mr. Tom "People Food" Wong, A.K.A Peeps and also Orange to a select few, who has been under the care/ownership of Mom and Bob for the past three years. Despite being diagnosed with imminent kidney failure back in November of 2007 resulting in dramatic weight loss, Peeps remained in good spirits and relatively good health until this weekend. The decision was made to end his suffering yesterday afternoon.

Born in the year 2000 in Chicago, IL, Peeps earned the "People Food" portion of his moniker for his ability to snatch a bit of a person's dinner when they weren't looking. He also once consumed an entire clove of garlic, a taste and smell supposedly hated by all felines. Most recently, he stole a cheese flavored cracker as my sister Becky brought it from the box to her mouth. Peeps was known for his ability to fetch, his obsession with hair bands and milk cap rings as well as his constant need for fresh bathtub water. He was often found to have a damp head due to his "drinking problem" and his favorite place to hang in our Chicago apartment was the air conditioner vent in the bathroom (this was only after the bathroom sink got too small for him to lounge in). His favorite hiding place for his precious hair bands and milk cap rings was often under the corner of the living room rug. In his younger years, Peeps had the uncanny ability to drive a sensible person crazy with this antics and ability to knock anything over that had the potential to spill it's contents. He retained his kitten-ness even through most of his illness and had to be one of the most affectionate and docile cats ever. After greeting friends by standing on his back legs and resting his outstretched front paws on their thigh, Peeps was known drop to the floor and roll on his back for a tummy rub. It is impossible to recall a time when he scratched or was unkind to anyone or any fellow animal (except in recent months when he would frequently hiss at his healthier and much younger companion cat). Peeps was, in short, a very good cat.

Peeps is survived by Sunny or "Sun Bear" who was introduced into the family a year after the passing of Slick in April of 2005. Some have commented that Peeps was never the same after Slick passed away as they were true best friends. His spirits were somewhat brightened by the introduction of Sunny into the family and while Sunny and Peeps shared a more contemptuous relationship, we were told old that Sunny was by Peeps' side on Sunday night when his conditioned worsened.

So, let us remember another great cat. He will be missed.

A red bud tree will be planted in his memory this fall in Mom and Bob's backyard.

-Megan & Adam