Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Feel the Futurama Love at Love Park

While I was slaving away at my desk job, I sent one Adam Blumberg on a mission to Love Park to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Futrama's second of four feature length straight to DVD flicks comes out today and yesterday Fox pulled out all the stops in the City of Brotherly Love. Sort of.

An fan inflated Yivo (voiced by wonderfully creepy David Cross), the many tentacled antagonist of Beast with a Billion Backs, was there. Though from what Adam witnessed - passersby seemed more confused than actually interested in what was happening. The confusion did not prevent people from lining up to have a temporary tattoo placed on their forehead in exchange for a t-shirt and a photo op with some space sluts. Both the tattoo and the t-shirt added little to the world of decent Futurama merch and merely noted that the DVD comes out on June 24th. While I admire the promoter's attempt to tie into the movie which centers around some sort of billion-tentacled and very amorous planet sized creature with an event at Philadelphia's few areas designated with LOVE (queue Barry White), it's also one of Philly's dirtiest parks and sort of hidden and out of the way from the zip and zoom center city. I mean, when the fountain isn't pink for breast cancer, it's easy to miss next to the grandeur of City Hall. But, some people made it and Adam said he thought perhaps a few of the attendees actually had a clue as to what the hell everything was all about. But, not many.

This is Celeste (in gold), it's her 55th birthday. She's in line to get a commercial pressed onto her forehead with a damp sponge. That's awesome.

This dude is not, as I thought, dressed as Scruffy, the janitor, from the series. He's just a janitor.

It's so life-like, honey.

I read on the Internet (which I'll never trust again) that Yivo was going to be 30ft tall and that "Bender himself" was going to be there. I was picturing giant plastic Murakami (below) like sculpture and either a dude in a Bender costume or John DiMaggio who voices America's sassiest lazy robot. No, no and no. I'm sort of glad I got some filing done instead. Hey, that's a little depressing actually.

Not similar to Futurama promo event.

So, don't expect a review of Beast with a Billion Backs from me. Sadly, I hear it's not very good. Regardless, I'm anxiously awaiting the delivery of my copy and have been tracking it's progress at all day. Seems I'm Futurama's bitch, even though it's hardly the same series it used to be. Oh, and the next movie is a D&D and Lord of Rings parody. Now I'm totally depressed.

I'm sort of feeling the love though.

NOTE: All photos (except the Murakami) by Adam Blumberg, June 23, 2008.