Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pigs and Things (a quick note)

You know what I find sexist and inappropriate for a public audience? Um, the whole lipstick on a pig expression to begin with. I don't know the epistemology of this particular pig euphemism, but I'm pretty confident it has been applied to more than a few women. But, politicians sure do seem to use it a lot. NPR played some 5 clips of different senators and such using it and it made sense. It's an easy way to say hey, "I know what it's like to be around livestock. I'm just like you, small town, salt of the earth, and I like sayings about pigs and things." But, OMG, Senator Obama dared to utter this commonly used saying that contained the word "lipstick" when referring to the McCain/Palin new message of "change" (where have I heard that word before?) and NOT referring to a certain very popular lady that everyone is talking and writing about.

Give me a break. Obama made a poor choice on the fly to use such a tired and slightly offense saying, but it was not a weakly veiled reference to Palin's self deprecating pit bull in lipstick remark. I give credit to the GOP for their feigned outrage as it reminds me of some of the slick moves Obama used to pull in his state senate days. This is way more entertaining than the actual issues, right? There's nothing a country in crisis needs more than to bring the tabloid ethic even further into politics. I sincerely hope the Obama campaign finds a strategy that will put him back on top as McCain's convention bump keeps growing. They only have 50 something days left to close the deal that would prevent this freaky nutso lady from being "a heart beat away from the Presidency". I'm still not wearing a button. Well, maybe one of these but I'm not making any promises people. I am partial to "Breakfast for Obama", but "Hipsters for Obama" is just plain redundant.

Strangely, I couldn't find a picture of an actual pig wearing lipstick, but here's a cute piglet to help soothe you on this day.

Here's a bit from the blog of Julia Sweeney (of SNL fame):
"You know what the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is? Pit bull’s daughters do not get knocked up by hockey players. But no, Sarah kept using that line – that lipstick line, that line that is apparently now branded to her so that anyone else referencing lipstick in any way must be referring to HER."