Thursday, September 25, 2008

111 words on Baby Mama & Haiku Review of SaTC: The Movie

Baby Mama (in 111 words)

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler aren't quite Martin and Lewis, but that's sort of a good thing. While the story is woefully predictable and the script drab, Fey and Poehler make it quirky and enjoyable. It’s clear they can carry a comedy. Steve Martin’s new agey natural food tycoon is noteworthy and Greg Kinnear as Fey’s love interest is charming and smarmy at the same time (you know in that Greg Kinnear way). Fey’s romantic comedy days may not be bright (see awkward kiss with Kinnear) and in no way does Long Island City, Queens pass for Philly, but Fey and Poehler’s movie chops are there – they just needs better material.

I heart breast pump bits.

Baby Mama
Written and Directed by: Michael McCullers
(writer: SNL, Austin Powers and Undercover Brother – which I hated)
Producer: Lorne Michaels (and others with more money)

Haiku review of Sex and the City: The Movie

those ladies love clothes
but they hate men and themselves
just slaves of New York

Being a lady in fancy clothes is the super-est!

Sex and the City: The Movie
Written and Directed by: Michael Patrick King (with Candace Bushnell and her book)
Producer: SJP, Darren Starr and like 8 other people
148min - seriously

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