Friday, October 10, 2008

NetFlix Popcorn Bowl Winners!! Um, good job?

10 minute breaks between 57 full length movies is not enough time to shower. I hope those jackets are smell retardant.

So two surprisingly un-pasty and determined professional endurance "athletes" broke the world record for continuous movie watching yesterday in New York's cultural mecca that is Times Square spending over 100 hours in a plexi box living room. Way to go Suresh Joachim of Canada and Claudia Wavra of Germany! 123 hours and 10 minutes is a whole lot a movie time. Suresh is a former tv-watching endurance champion along with a whole lot of other activities (dancing, dj-ing and ironing...seriously) and Claudia is a three time movie marathon champion. I wonder how much of the 57 movies they actually comprehended. Or did they enter some sort of semi-meditative state in order to ignore their bodies need for sleep? I would love to try to break into this sport, but along with my favorite activity of watching movies my second favorite is falling asleep to movies I've seen multiple times. Judging by their viewing program, I'd be in trouble very early on.

Just in case you're a movie nerd like me. Here is the complete list of flix-es and along some comments. It's a very interesting list, mostly quality mainstream pics with a few stinkers throne in to make it a real competition.

Iron Man (Still have not seen this due to my anti-RDjr clause.)
Best in Show
Ghostbusters (Viewed in a Plexiglas living room in Times Square? That's like a dream of mine.)
Inside Man
Elvira -- Mistress of the Dark
The English Patient (This is cruel, but would be even meaner at like hour 80.)
The Matrix
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
A Night at the Opera (Madcap slapstick makes me fall asleep the fastest.)
Star Wars IV: A New Hope
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
West Side Story (Yes.)
Baby Mama
Batman Begins
Superman II
On the Town
Young Frankenstein
The Sound of Music
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
Meatballs (I'm so ready for the summer.)
One Crazy Summer
Can't Hardly Wait (I can't feel my legs! - that is a line from this movie, right?)
The Manchurian Candidate (Which one? Sinatra or Denzel?)
The American President
Rudy (Man tears are the best kind of tears.)
The Bourne Identity
Casino Royale
Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Cruel and unusual punishment.)
The Peacemaker (Torture.)
Keeping the Faith (Have flipped past this playing on TV no less than 6 times. Still have never watched it. Ed Norton's hair is too weird in this movie AND he's a priest.)
I Am Legend (Good first 3/4 - terrible focus-group recommended ending.)
The Sure Thing
Moulin Rouge (Sort of loses something after the 8th viewing.)
X-Men (X2 & 3 so much better.)
Annie (Anniversary Edition)
Being John Malkovich
The Hunt for Red October (Never miss this when it's on TV. I also never miss Red Dawn or Crimson Tide. Weird.)
Kill Bill: Volume 2
Chariots of Fire (Slow motion also makes me sleepy.)
Clerks (More torture.)
Caddyshack (More yes.)
Thelma & Louise

Check out the full story here.

And please feel free to add your own one liners concerning these masterworks as well.