Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"No!" on Prop 8, Peoples

To all Cali friends and family:

Make sure to vote on this one. I can't think of a more shamefully un-American proposition. This country is about opportunity, liberty, justice and all that crap - for everyone. The states need to send the right messages to the federal government which is that church and state are separate entities and the government has no business which flavor of adult one decides to get down to business with. Check out a humorous video on the subject after the jump.Perhaps we will one day have a President who will be brave enough to fully support equal rights and all that comes with that concept including the right to marry the consenting adult of your choice. I know that Obama cannot take that stance right now, things are too delicate and that would be a turn off to much of the country. But, when Biden and Obama speak about civil unions and same sex couples deserving most of the freedoms and rights afforded to hetero married folks it kills a lot of the enthusiasm I'm attempting to muster this elections season. It's not that I think Clinton would be stating anything differently if she were the nom, but it's a buzz kill none the less. What has always puzzled me about the conservative right is their consistent position of denying "hand-outs" and cutting social programs with the reasoning that every one has the opportunity to succeed on their own merit in America with limited government involvement but they are the first ones to stick their nose into taxpaying citizens' relationships/procreation and now it seems they need to get a look in your pants before the big day. Let's shift regulations back to those wackadoodles on "Wall Street" and keep them away from our basic human rights.