Monday, October 20, 2008

Amy Poehler is a Goddess.

I'm not sure what it is about white ladies doing hardcore rap. Sure it could be the obvious reasons - irony, social commentary, being just plain silly. But, Amy's actually pretty good at it, which adds a whole other level.

At times on Saturday night it seems the SNL gang was being a little too easy on Sarah Palin even though they were making fun of her in her presence. You could almost see the rage building in Alec Baldwin as he delivered his TelePrompted sentiments concerning "that evil woman" directly to the Governor all the while addressing her as "Tina" during the opening segment while the real Tina was off camera impersonating the real Sarah who was standing next to Alec. What? Anyway, Alec's tirade was dashed as the script called for him to call her "delightful". She was a sport and it was mildly amusing to see her later on Weekend Update as Poehler and some backup Inuit dancers brought it home old skool (or maybe new skool, I don't even know if this terminology is accurate). Palin has a white lady overbite when she chair dances, who know? Saturday night was supposed to be Palin's and she handled herself with as much grace and humor as anyone could. No one thought she'd actually go on SNL, it makes no sense for McCain's campaign and she did little if nothing to alter her public persona. In the end the night belonged to a near bursting with baby Poehler. Josh Brolin wasn't the most dynamic host and while McGruber delivered its celebration of ridiculous predictability and absurdity, Poehler showed that she can carry this show.