Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October is the cruelest month...

We look more like chaperons, less like crazy tailgaters.

People were ready to celebrate. Beer in hand. TV in the hatchback, hibachi's fired up, everyone in red. They were ready to party, but the late October skies and wintry temperatures pooped on everyone's party. When we left the lot just before the start of last night's game, the porto-jons were already overflowing, we'd seen Rays fans get chased by a beer throwing mob and trash cans overflowed with crushed lite beer cans. It was glorious, but not a good night for a baseball game. Bud Selig's controversial decision to "suspend play indefinitely" is on every Philadelphian's mind this morning. Well, not all Philadelphians, but the real ones anyway.

But we found some folks in the parking lot who had a great night anyway. At least I assume the hilarity continued despite the terrible conditions after we left. Let's hope they have better luck Wednesday night. Go Fightin'!

I'm no expert, but I believe this may be called Whiffle Bong. They've cleverly cut one end of the whiffle ball bat allowing it to hold beer and after shotgunning said beer from said bat, they must hit a crushed beer can after spinning around 10 times. Marvelous.