Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And the crown goes to...

Two images of the candidates, both utitizing lens flare/backlighting, two very different outcomes.

Hopefully some time this evening, we will know the name of our next POTUS. While in line at my polling place this morning, a young woman skipped out of the rec center "whoo-hooing" her way to get her "I Voted!" sticker. Of course, I don't know for whom she voted, but I have witnessed very few 20 somethings in knee socks, a puffy vest and American Apparel that excited about the prospect of voting for Senator McCain. It's stereotyping, I know.

The 2000 election has made many Dems gun shy and there is a huge amount of Liberal anxiety in the blue and swing states. Ms. Eli Davidson over at Huffington Post has some tips for dealing with the stress of this election. Oh, and apparently being angry at W. all these years hasn't hurt anyone but yourself.

The outcome of this election is sure to shape voter turnout in the future, whether in a positive or negative way - we'll see this evening. I wonder if the talking heads are going to be able to wait until enough of the poles are in to actually call it or if they're just going to go with the early predictions. MSNBC and the CNN army of pundits will be bursting at the seams to be the first one to call it and yes, it does seem to me that the media is behind Senator Obama, but what else is new. The fear is that people won't turn out as they've promised. But I take public transportation and walk around Philadelphia on a daily basis and the people are talking, people that I don't normally hear talk about politics are sharing with others how they are voting with their children and how their great aunt or mother is voting for the first time many years. My favorite eavesdropped quote - "Oh, Obama, most definitely."

Projection chart from Head over there and see if you can make any sense of it. Frankly, the pink and light blue states confuse me.

So, we only have to wait now. We'll slyly check CNN at the office, prepare dinner with the TV on then eat dinner in front of said TV (wait, how is that different from any other night?). The best thing about this election is that people are aware and engaged. We've seen many surprises already. Senator McCain picked the nuttiest VP ever, a choice that may have sealed the deal for a lot of swing voters that prefer not to have townies of average intelligence in a high office (she attend 5 colleges people [Ed. Note: and only received ONE degree]). Obama's associations, some of them thin, have been utilized to attack him instead of attacking his voting record, which is also on the thin side. Both candidates say the other is going to raise taxes. Both of them. Both run an attack add every 7 minutes here in Philadelphia. I have not seen that lovely Obama spot where he just talks to the camera all chill and logical for weeks now. Let us hope that tonight we will have a clear winner and if it's who everyone thinks it's going to be, let's hope he's up for the job.