Friday, November 21, 2008

Marry me!

Is it or isn't it? What the hell was Michael Cera talking about when he said he wasn't interested in making a movie because he didn't think people would want to see it since there are three seasons on DVD. Perhaps he is the sole holdout referred to in the marvelous yet rumor filled article I just read.

Oh it's happening, I mean, COME ON! - Arrested Development: The Movie.
I need a moment alone, I'm a little choked up.

Please to enjoy, it's Friday, people.

30 Rock Showing Signs of Feytigue*?

More Frank, less guest shots.

No one was more excited about the third season of 30 Rock more than me. But after a decent opening and a charming follow up with Ms. Winfrey, things have taken a turn. We've entered, the Guest Star Zone.

The Guest Star Zone is a time honored sitcom tradition that can turn from exciting and new to blatant attempts at ratings grabs. I don't know what is happening in 30 Rock's case. Guest stars are great and 30 Rock isn't exactly rolling in the viewers for some reason, but in the first four episodes of the season the guest star list is already longer than most show's entire seasons. Megan Mullally, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Martin and three Night Court alums Markie Post, Harry Anderson and the guy who played Mac the court clerk. You know, Mac with the Asian wife?

Anyway, I'm worried and last night's episode didn't help. What is this season's main plot arc? Does Liz still want a baby? What is Lutz up to anyway? And how about The Girly Show? When's the last time we had a good "at the writers table scene"? Before we know it, it's going to be time for a Christmas episode. I myself may never suffer from Tina Feytigue, but if 30 Rock doesn't get back on track those viewers out there that they are aggressively courting may never get on board. It's after The Office people, how hard is it to just keep watching TV for 30 more minutes at that point? You're not going to get anything done at 9:30 on a Thursday night anyway, just stay on the couch - Tina needs you.

Guest stars done right. Every week a new one, but they made it work.

*"Feytigue" borrowed from vidoegum.