Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Metro Section

Guest Blogger, CheekieMom fills us in on the perils of public transportation in this, the first of many insightful guides to surviving travel with fellow city dwellers.

More than a little annoying...

The Littles

The Littles are a click of average build, low level civil service workers that project their frustration from their menial and unimportant jobs by annoying me on public transportation. Dressed in only the best knock offs, the most offending habit of The Littles is the daily claiming of “The Spot”.

Each day they arrive on the train platform in the approximate spot that the oncoming train doors will open. Many factors contribute to the selection of the spot.

The formula appears to be:

Projected train door opening area closest to the stairwell from car or additional public transportation taken to arrive at present public transportation station...


The aforementioned in reference to friend or traveling companion(s).

In acquiring “The Spot”, The Littles slow down drastically. Approaching the spot with careful deliberation, they abruptly turn to face the rails and stop; spot claimed.

If you are the unlucky individual that happens to be walking behind a pack of Littles, this rude, slow and abrupt action usually results in creating the huff and speed-walk move. (You express your irritation by exhaling loudly and speeding up your pace to walk around the pack of Littles and their spot.)

Should you be the poor soul that is unknowingly on the Spot that leads to another issue. Upon claiming “the spot”, The Littles stand so uncomfortably close to you that their oversized pleather bag grazes your coat/person. The only available option is to move out of the Littles way; play off your irritation with a yawn and then write a passive aggressive article about them on the train.