Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Simpsons take on Jobs...

ALF, sadly absent from current syndication rotation and pop culture in general.

Like some of you, I also missed the newest Simpsons episode. My Sundays are just not focused on Fox as they once were. Perhaps that is because of The Amazing Race, which is truly amazing at times, even when the mother/son team that totally deserved to win gets eliminated after son looses all the money and his passport. Mom didn't even yell or blame him. That is just not the way I was raised, you know? Anyway, I don't know what it is, but I enjoy Simpson episodes more when they are at least a year old. It's something I like to call The Syndication Effect. Time + repetition = lots of shows seems oh so much better.

How many times have I seen Homer trip out in the desert after eating that crazy hot pepper at the Springfield Chili Cook-Off? But it's not just The Simpsons that I've been known to re-watch. How about when it's revealed that Jerry actually changes the label on his jeans to maintain what he imagines he still weights? I know that Peggy Hill's show size is 16, that can't be from just one viewing. Or going way back, the whole Sam and Diane "I hate you", "Well, I hate you more" stand-off that ends in them both realizing that they are a bit aroused by the whole situation. Oooh, or what about Rachel realizes she actually likes Ross but he's come back from China with Amy or that time when Chandler makes out with one of Joey's 12 sisters but doesn't know which one? You know the one I'm talking about, don't pretend.

Now in it's 20 season, The Simpsons over the past 2 decades has been topical, ahead of it's time, gross, clever, sappy or cruel and just plain odd. But here's a surprising jab at Apple for your viewing pleasure. It's surprising because it seems like it should have aired 4 years ago. That's animation for ya. Who knew Lisa was such a brand slave?