Friday, December 12, 2008

Silent Star Wars, Lauer hearts Fisher and other excuses...

"Things" have been nuts. Holiday shopping and drinking. Work stuff. Social obligations. Trying to get Art Think Tank off the ground (more about that in the coming months). And of course there's my mild FaceBook addiction to deal with. All these factors have led me to take an undeserved writing break this week. And now I'm home sick with a "virus" that has caused my ears to ache in a debilitating way. I think "virus" might be doctor code for, "Not sure why you don't feel good, but it's probably not going to kill you. Let's do some blood work!" My sick day has given me the opportunity to watch five episodes of Whale Wars on Animal Planet On Demand and you'll probably hear more about that later too.

In the meantime. Here are some distractions that have already distracted me. Please to enjoy.

Have a super weekend everyone.