Monday, December 15, 2008

Lauer vs. Cruise

The end of a press junket is a very dangerous time for our beloved actors.

So, here's the much anticipated (not be me, but I'm sure some folks were excited about it) follow-up interview to Cruise's last appearance on the Today Show when he took down "psychiatry" and made Matt Lauer look even smarter and classier than he is. Oh, Matt, you devil, you.

Anyhoo, the clip I can't seem to find to share with you is today's opening segment in which Tom is standing just to the right of the news desk chiming in while Matt and Meredith do their opening and I'm not really convinced that he was supposed to be there. Tom even read a few of the news headlines before Matt suggested that he go get a cup of coffee. It was odd. But check out this long and sort of boring interview all about Matt and Tom's complex relationship and after 6 minutes they get to Tom's new movie Valkyrie in which he plays a German military man who tries to assassinate Hitler - it's a thriller! I can't wait to see how it ends!

Update: I wasn't the only one who found this morning's Today Show intro odd. Check out Gawker's take.