Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Virals!!

Classy. What wonderful ways to pay tribute to our leader.

OK, it's clear that everyone's been a little off this week. Infomania just wasn't funny (sorry beloved cast members and contributors, you know it kills me to say that), many of the blogs I read were torn between covering the inauguration of our first non-old-white-dude president and positively inane celebrity tidbits that seem to matter even less now that everyone has suddenly become as patriotic as Mr. & Mrs. Cleaver.

I just haven't gotten that spark to write this week (much like last week). Questions certainly have been popping up in my media saturated mind, but it seems like I need a little more time to process them. So, while I'm thinking about really interesting "things" to write about, why don't you enjoy a Penny Cartoon - wait, I mean a few virals and links.

OK, just check out how quickly the door opens after crash landing and within seconds people are gathering on the wing. Amazing.

Kermit & Christian - oooooh-weeeee-ooooo. Uncanny resemblance. Click HERE for more.

Or, you can waste your time by creating your own Garfield comic strip! Seriously, click here if this appeals to you.

And finally those two high-fiving dudes go to D.C. on Tuesday. Big whoop.