Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm goin' in....I fear this could be "Whoo Girl" territory.

"Tell me more of this idea that men may not always like us as much as we like them..."

I don't usually like "chick flicks". As offensive as the moniker is, it accurately defines a certain genre and movies that fall into this category usually blow or are at the very least so predictable you can leave the room/theater for like 5mins and know exactly what has gone down in your absence. They are generally insulting to women (and men) and serve no purpose but to make people feel like they must not be doing it right as their potential spouse/true love has never made that ridiculously grand gesture that negates any of the real work involved with actually getting to know the person your schtuping (or getting schtuped by).

So, it this baggage I take with me to an advanced screening of He's Just Not That Into You tomorrow night. Please check back for my full report this Friday, when it opens. In the meantime here's a helpful little video that the studio provided intended to convince all the dudes out there that are going to get dragged to this thing by their ladyfriends that it's really not a chick flick despite all the other advertising seen on TV for the past month and a half. I hope the movie is as funny as this little lesson on chick flick cliches you won't find in He's Just Not That Into You.

Is is just me, or is Justin Long sporting some new guns? Not sure who beardy is and, well, we all know and love our little "E".