Friday, March 27, 2009

Movie Review: I'm Every Woman, Even the 49 Foot Tall Ones

Truly "Brains and brawn"? Honestly, I have no idea if Ginormica even went to college.

Monsters Vs. Aliens opens tonight to the delight of kiddies everywhere. And the adults will be hoping for some sophisticated jokes slipped in there, some references no one under 30 would get and please, god, let it be no longer than 90mins. Well, it's all there, but something is a bit off in this children's feature where the humans look scarier than the monsters (and aliens for that matter) and the motivations of Ginormica, the 49 foot woman, are not much different than 1958's Attack of 50 Foot Woman - it's all about a woman realizing she's hooked up with a narcissistic turd and that perhaps she should get her own identity . It's a child's tale for the ages.