Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Virals Are Back!

More on this after the jump. You won't be sorry you clicked.

Yeah, I'm phoning it in this Friday. It's been a long week. I saw two flicks so far at the Philadephia Film Festival/CineFest 2009, but they don't come out until the summer so you really don't want to hear what I thought about them just yet, and neither of them were that great. However, expect an Observe and Report review next Friday. I'm sure it will be a fountain of subtlety and refinement, an innovation of the mall cop dramedy and an exploration into the human spirit. Who am I kidding? I'll probably really like it.

In the meantime, I've taken time to craft a list of links to ease your way through this Friday. Laughter and good news, along with drugs and alcohol, are the best medicine after all.

Please to enjoy.

Choose Your Own Adventure on Drugs - It's just what it sounds like, a parody of all those stupid choose your own adventure books but with lot of cursing and peyote. Sweet.

One Lady's Upward Battle -Proof that hockey patrons are either very polite or just too drunk to care.

Bargain Priced Stars - ScarJo & Crazy Face Rourke suffer economic hardship just like the rest of us, see?

Iowa + Same Sex Marriage = Not an April Fool's Joke? - Apparently. Take that liberal East Coasters who enjoy snubbing their noses at their corn-fed Midwestern cousins. They beat us to landing on the good guy side of the biggest civil rights issue of our time. Well, them and New Jersey. Get with it NY & PA! Jeez.

And, a (drunk) history lesson...with barfing of course.