Monday, April 27, 2009

Irreplaceable...RIP, Bea.

For all you cave-dwellers out there, Bea died on Saturday.

As Maude, Bea Arthur headlined her own show about a 40 something feminist and her wacky family and friends where she didn't take crap from anyone and elected to have an abortion. She had salt and pepper hair at that time and rocked the pantsuit and neckerchief like no one else. Bea looked better as she aged as seen in her glorious casual and dress ensembles on the Golden Girls that cheekily contrasted her steely wit and dagger like delivery. Wait, old women can be funny, sexually active and still have the occasional mad cap adventure? Sign me up.

I have every intention of staying healthy so I can kick ass in my sixties too. Bea's Broadway career, her quiet and shy nature off screen, the general awesomeness of her personae - she was like no other. Thank goodness for Hallmark Channel (sorry, I can't believe I just wrote those five words) for giving us 3 whole hours of palm trees, wicker furniture and talks at the kitchen table daily. Actually the Hallmark Channel plays M*A*S*H the other 21 hours of the day, so it's not a bad network.

There aren't many tall, deep-voiced, brilliant age-defying female actor/singer/comedians left in this world. Can anyone name one? It leaves me to wonder, if I had Bea Arthur growing up (along with Carol Burnett and Lilly Tomlin), who the hell do young women have today?

Never one to take herself too seriously. Bea on Futurama in 2001.

Amazon Women in the Mood featured Bea as the Femputer who's really a Fembot a la Wizard of Oz and makes out with Bender. Oh, and snoo snoo is also known as "doin' it".