Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Virals and Other Fun Stuff from the Interweb!

Wow, is it Friday already? As the streets and walkways on campus begin filling up with drunken undergrads and bewildered graduate students all about to be thrust into the worst job market ever, I can't help but feel a little sad, bitter and annoyed all at the same time. Monday is the big day, a day of hope, of possibilities, the first day of the rest of their lives. The rich ones will still be rich, the poor ones will most likely be a little poorer and some will receive a stay of execution in the form of earning yet another useless degree. And for everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys.

At least you don't have the headache of some Notre Dame 2009 graduates. But, whoever funded this protest video is really in the wrong business. No matter where you stand on this hot issue, you have to admit, this is too Hollywood for its own good. It's sort of hard to take seriously.

Notre Dame Response to President Obama as 2009 Commencement Speaker

Speaking of are some very solid arguments for why parenting should require a license. This may actually be hard for some of you parents to watch, but I'm assuming that if any of these children were actually hurt - the interweb police would have removed these from the web. Wait, there are no interweb pol...anyway check out the latest Viral Video Film School.

Allow this to cleanse your palette.


Perhaps developed as a backlash to all the methods out there that allow us all to prove to everyone that our lives are totally awesome, here's more of a realistic take.
My Life is Average

But there's one Philadelphian who is having a totally awesome life as he pursues his dream of becoming a very high level, top notch actor. It's "The Journey" by Arthur Kade, and while I'm still not convinced it's real (this guy posts every damn day), it's like a trip to some magical Douchey Land and I can't stop visiting. Beware of the comments though, they are quite graphic about their distaste for AK, but the posts are simply amazing.

Here's something you can print out and carry around with you to whip out during drunken arguments.
Top 10 Misquoted Movie Quotes

And finally, some hard stats on why SNL just isn't that good, and hasn't been for a long time (except for the one that Tina hosted after the writers strike ended).
SNL Season 34 Blows

Maybe Will Farrell can save it tomorrow night? Man, he is so thin lately. I hope that doesn't make him less funny.

Have a good weekend, everybody.