Monday, June 22, 2009

Dude Wakes Up with Vaj...Tampax Grows a Pair

OK, I think I might be a little late to the party on this one, but I just noticed a link to this site on one of the 10 billion Twitter feeds I'm following. It's an elaborate commercial for Tampax, a company you may recognize as one of the leaders in tampon innovation and manufacturing. The campaign features a boy named Zack, who wakes up one morning and finds himself changed, not into a giant bug, but with a va-jay-jay in place of his "guy parts". He's freaked out, he's scared, and soon he's going to face what us ladies face - a visit from Aunt Flow.

What impresses me about this ad is the quality of the clips, they're pretty funny, even though some of the posts, like "The Joy of Baking" and his realization that he can still enjoy watching Ultimate Fighting even with his new founds lady parts are a little tired. His new parts also compel him to view programs on The Estrogen Channel. Yes, sort of funny, Tampax, but also sort of stereotypical and mildly sexist. But, some real issues are addressed and if I really strain to hark back to my first days as a "woman", I think my past self would find this site to be both ridiculous, funny and maybe a little helpful. Seeing a man in these feminine situations takes the pressure off a little during what is a confusing and annoying time of development. Also, kudos for having Zack make a hasty retreat from French class to construct a crude form of protection he calls a "man pad". Luckily Tampax comes to the rescue.

He also has to use the gross bathroom stalls in the boys room at school instead of the urinals.

"Ladies, on behalf of guys everywhere, I apologize for every ounce of urine we have left on a toilet seat. That's a lot of urine and a lot of apologizing. Moving forward fellas, can we please work on our aim? Or better yet, lift up the seat before you tinkle."

And I have to disagree with some of the commenters. This actor is awesome for doing this and does not need a new agent. Don't they know that playing a dude with a vagina is almost as good as playing gay? Commerical Academy Award here he comes!!