Wednesday, July 8, 2009

McHale Kills On Letterman

The Soup is often the highlight of my week. I also enjoy the stories my West Coast sis brings back from the many tapings she is privilege enough to attend. From what I can put together, Joel McHale is in fact as charming and funny if not more in "real life" or at least "off camera while still at work life". I hope to attend in the near future next time I get out to Cali, and believe me, you will hear about it, in great, great detail.

Until that time, please to enjoy Joel's appearance last night on Letterman, 'cause he is adorable while relaying a creepy story about his grandmother, his older child's nose picking fixation and Hefner.

Also, don't forget to show the love and mark Community on your TV viewing schedule for the fall. Joel is there along with Chevy Chase (yes, he's alive and still funny!), a spirited Breakfast Club conversation killer and Seacrest jokes! Yes, it seems a little high concept, but who gives a crap? It's got Joel!!!