Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Fun! Sharks and Blobs and Michael Jackson, oh my!

Wait, which one is Watson?

Oh, Friday, you. With your promise of freedom and excitement. Another work week ended, with nearly every other thought drifting to "weekend plans". In a few hours, the weekend will be here. But, in the meantime, here are some distractions for your Friday. You know it's going to be woefully unproductive, why fight it?

Blob sort of attacks Alaska.

A slow moving blob of what officials are calling "something biological and totally not oil" is making its way through the Chukchi Sea in our most Northern of states. While this article focuses on all that the Coast Guard doesn't know about it, it's odd that nobody thought to ask one of them scientist fellows. Maybe the town's scientist wasn't in that day or maybe they just don't have a nebbishy young PhD grad fresh out of a top East Coast school who neglected to read the fine print on his generous scholarship requiring him to work for 5 years in a small remote town in Alaska filled with quirky independent spirits and an unlikely love interest in that particular town? 'Cause that could totally happen. Man, the 90's were awesome.

Shark attack victims prove, once again, that they are awesome.
So, you're in the wrong place at the wrong time. You venture out into another element and that element's top predator takes a chunk out of you, or maybe an arm and/or leg. Most of these folks get back in the water or on their boards or boats at some point, most don't blame the shark and recognize the risk they chose to take and a whole lot of them were on Capitol Hill this week calling for protection of our ocean's apex predator. I, for one, love (and am also terrified of) sharks. I have also never been attacked by one. I'd like to think that if I survived an attack, I would be up on Capitol Hill with the other brave survivors, I really would. But, I was attacked (in the face) by a cat a few years back and you know what - I frickin' hate cats now. Well, at least I am suspicious of their motives and actions so much that I approach every cat stranger with the assumption that they have an innate desire to tear into my flesh. Bottom line - these shark survivors are doing a good thing that not everyone would.

Extremely Silly.
You might have already seen this. It's an Extreme Makeover spoof, but the subject of the makeover is a toddler. It's pretty funny.

Extremely Weird.
I don't even know to do with this one. I knew Corey had this phase, but somehow I missed this particular performance.

Have a great weekend, everybody. Next week TRICC celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the moon landing and I review a kid's movie with my tweenager brother! Coming up in the next few weeks Top Chef Masters pre-finale breakdown and reviews of Paper Heart, Funny People and maybe Julie & Julia.