Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ode to Shark Week 2009

Australia, 1987.

I don't need to tell you that Shark Week 2009 begins this Sunday, August 2nd on the Discovery Channel, do I? No, I didn't think so. This glorious week which comes to us once a year and is celebrating its 22nd birthday, not without a bit of controversy (see shark porn). But the main focus this year is conservation - at least on it is. The Pew Environment Group are the cats that brought 9 shark attack survivors to The Capitol earlier this month to support The Shark Conservation Act proposed by a certain droopy face senator. When I think of precisely calculated initiatives engineered by politicians and their team of sinister puppet masters, saving sharks doesn't really strike me as a popularity grab - so kudos to Senator Kerry for partnering with Discovery on this effort.

This year's programming features the usual fare of spectacular fear inducing recreations of attacks and I'm sure quite a bit of cage diving, bait biting, seal chomping and feeding frenzies. Disovery's web site also features a respectable section dedicated to shark conservation. Shark finning and overfishing has led to a dramatic decline in global shark populations. No sharks mean unhealthy prey populations and messy oceans - they are the hunters and the garbage men. We need both.

Utilizing the top-notch editing programs at, I created this totally awesome ode to the extreme awesomeness of Shark Week. I call this video Extreme Sharks Now With Awesome SFX. I know, it's not exactly a plea for conservation, but I think you'll really enjoy it and I hope you appreciate the technical genius that went into it.

Please to enjoy:

Extreme Sharks Now With Awesome SFX by me, Megan Carr, lover of sharks.

Save the sharks!