Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quick Bites - Now Playing: Serious Zombieland

Wow, Wednesday, already. I had this plan that I’d blog everyday this week and most of the posts would be about Ewan McGregor because I saw The Men Who Stare at Goats on Monday night and am heading to Amelia tonight and he's in both films. But, as you can see that did not work out. I was going to make two lists of Ewan movies, one good column, one bad and make humorous comments on each one. Do you know how many bad Ewan McGregor movies there are out there? Like at least 15.

Anyway, maybe that will happen. I’m not promising anything with 2 movies this week, the impending city-wide riot that is sure to occur if the Phils take it tonight and keeping up with the DVR...if only I could free up more time by not having this silly healthcare providing day job? Come on public option! In the meantime, here's some quick bites for the Coen Brothers new one and Zombieland.

A Serious Man
105 min
limited release

OK, this doesn’t happen often, but I am at somewhat of a loss when it comes to this movie. The Coen brothers are some of my favorite filmmakers and while I haven’t loved everything, I usually still get their films. This one, I don’t get.