Monday, October 26, 2009

Um, happy belated birthday, TRICC!

The Rest is Cream Cheese was born on October 12, 2007 with a short and disjointed little rant, "First to Post, Suckas!", about how the newly announced J.J. Abrams Star Trek "bastardization" was going to suck. Oops. Actually it wasn't even about the new Star Trek. It was about previous attempts and fails to reinvent franchises that were influential in my youth. It was silly and not very good. But, it got me writing again and these past 24 months have been better for it.

Since starting up TRICC I've become a poorly paid movie correspondent for a paper outside Philly whilst still toiling away at the old day job and I couldn't be happier. I hope my movie reviews are getting better though a part of me thinks they're lacking in the funny lately and I vow to correct that. This of course means there will be an increase in typos that you will just have to deal with. When the funny happens, it happens fast and for some reason I have the inability to see my own typos even after the 3rd or 4th edit. I'm sure there is a name for this most debilitating condition. For now I'm calling it Semiagraphic Typonosis. I hope together we can raise awareness, because my typos not only make me seems careless and amateurish, they make me feel that way too.

Anyway, I just wanted to wish Ye Olde blog a happy belated b-day and to welcome our new readers. We (my imaginary web team and I) have totally noticed you checking us out and frankly, we're flattered and now slightly less desperate for approval than we were a few weeks ago. Welcome new readers!

Oh, also:
  • Wasn't 30 Rock kick ass last week?
  • Go Phillies! Yankees blow.
  • Way to use upcoming World Series as bargaining chip, SEPTA! I guess it's worth it if you get to keep the clause that allows your workers to be "total assholes to riders". Yay, unions!
  • Will you still hang out with me if my Halloween costume is lame. I was going to sew a Zuul dress, but I remembered that I don't know how to sew.
  • And finally, Trick 'r Treat is arriving in our mailbox this week and I am gonna watch the heck out of it and report back.

Have a great Monday, everyone.