Friday, October 30, 2009

James Cameron always does makeup touch-ups himself.

So, the first teaser for Avatar didn't exactly get our hopes up, especially after it was pointed out that it looks a hell of a lot like this movie no one saw.  And then, came more accusations of swiping more than just inspiration for the story.  A little known sci-fi novella from 1957 has a very similar story line of a paraplegic who is linked with another life form in order to explore a planet not fit for human respiration.  In case you didn't know because the Interweb in your cave dwelling was out the week the teaser was released, that's the basic premise of Avatar.

But, now with trailer no. 2 just out, it seems yet another sci-fi classic might have been a source.  Check it out and think...Dune (the movie or the books, whatever floats your boat - but not that mini-series, that blew).  Our hero arrives as the native population's enemy and becomes their savior.  I'm not sure if this Avatar dude is the universe's super being, but if he is...that's a deal breaker.