Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TV: What You Might Have Missed - Catching Great Whites and Big Boners

I loves me some Amazing Race. This season (which is the 15th of the always Emmy winning reality series) is pretty good. All the terrible people left pretty early on and we're left with an OK crew of competitors. The interracial couple, reconnecting father and son combo, some Harlem Globetrotters, Ken and Barbie types and the brothers. The not so ambiguously gay duo, Sam and Dan. And Sunday night, Sam and Dan had giant erections. Well, I don't know if they were actually giant, but any erection during prime time is big news.  Of course, CBS blurred them out.  But there they were...boners...on network TV.  I was online a bit yesterday - how the hell did I not see anything about this groundbreaking TV event?  CBS sure likes the wang. Remember that Survivor ep when America was flashed with full frontal?  I do, but only because InfoMania told me about it.  (Can't seem to locate link to that.)

But inappropriate chubbies weren't the most excited thing on TV during this very young week.  The National Geographic Channel ran a pseudo-scientific special just last night about a crew of extreme fisherman and their nerdy science buddy on a quest to catch, tag, release and track Great White Sharks.  Really.