Thursday, December 10, 2009

Top Chef Finale! Who won? 'Cause I totally couldn't watch it.

I actually know who won Top Chef, I just didn't get to see. I'm not very happy with the result.

I'm just not feeling it lately, fair readers. My ideas are shit, I'm distracted by tinsel and cookies and I've lost the ability to half-watch crappy movies at random on cable whilst doing things around the house.  Yes, that's right we've canceled cable.  You will be the first to know that the moment I hung up with the very persistent Comcast representative after she confirmed that the technician would come by and shut off our cable from the outside at 9am the next morning, well, there were actual tears in my eyes.  I believe I uttered the words, "This sucks, " in my most self-pitying tone.  Two moments later I determined that this emotional response further justified our decision to cut the time sucking cord, not just for our bank account, but for my very soul.  Don't worry, fair readers, I did not suddenly become some born-again self-righteous holier-than-though too-good-for-TV jerk. You know those people at parties who declare without a hint of sadness that they, "don't even own a TV and don't even miss it."  Well, I miss my time suck dearly, mostly because last night I had to suffer through Glee since our HD antenna didn't really present any other options.  Please feel free to leave your reasons why you think Glee is good in the comments section, but know that I will totally hold it against you.  No, I'm kidding. No, I'm not. Maybe.