Monday, January 11, 2010

Movie Review: Daybreakers

I actually paid for a movie this weekend. Here's how it went...

Uncle Vampire Sam Wants you for his Vampire Army.

Never has vampire slaying been so explosive. No, that’s not a metaphor. In Daybreakers, brought to us by Australia’s Spierig brothers, accepted vampire lore (no reflections, sunlight deadly, etc.) has been elaborated upon by having the bloodsuckers literally explode in a cloud of flame or viscera when staked. It’s just one of the many grotesque and gimmicky traits that make it laugh-out-loud B movie fun. Sure, there are numerous wasted opportunities concerning plot and characters that keep Daybreakers from being a true stand out in the genre, but an Aussie camp and dialogue that could have been written for a SyFy Channel original movie provides a moderately engaging excuse for eating theater popcorn. Daybreakers is really dumb, hilariously and inexplicably sloppy as far as story is concerned, but there is little teen angst, so that’s a big plus. We are presented with a dystopian vampire world where humans are hunted and the few that remain struggle for basic necessities like food, shelter and bras. And it’s mostly an eye-rolling snicker-fest best to be enjoyed with friends and fellow audience members who don’t mind a little MST3K style audience participation.