Monday, February 15, 2010

Hot Link - Extended Review of A Serious Man

OK, just 'cause I didn't post anything last week, doesn't mean I didn't write anything, Jeez. I get easily distracted. I didn't quite bounce back from the January film doldrums as quickly as I hope and then there came all that dang snow. Apparently, I am easily distracted by snow.  I turn into the middle school aged me except I drink more wine than I did back then (but I smoke way less).  My attention span reverts to about 4.3 seconds, reading suddenly seems super boring and I don't even need an excuse to venture out into a blizzard. Snow is so awesome! But even though Wednesday and Thursday were rare city-wide snow days last week, I managed to see not one but two movies, both opened Friday. So, I've got reviews of Saint John of Las Vegas starring Steve Buscemi and The Wolfman with Benecio Del Toro and Sir Anthony Hopkins in the pipline.  Should be up later today.

But for now, please check out this piece I wrote on A Serious Man (one of ten Best Pic noms) for The Large Association of Movie Blogs!

No, thank you, for reading.