Friday, March 5, 2010

Movie Review: Brooklyn's Finest

If I don't look good in these pants, you have to tell me. 

We are no strangers to the violence, blood, and cruelty found in all facets of media. But, the real trick is to depict the horrible truths of a city’s savage side and still somehow maintain an emotional connection with the audience.  In “Brooklyn’s Finest,” director Antoine Fuqua presents us with converging tales of 3 cops in very different points in their lives and careers where every shot fired has impact, and there are a whole lot of shots.  For an hour and forty-five minutes the ability to turn away in response to the endless barrage of bad news, is impossible.  “Brooklyn’s Finest” portrays terrible truths in the actions of desperate men on diverging paths at the crossroads of right and wrong.  It shocks and fascinates with 3 intricate stories that could be stand alone movies themselves.  Its raw palette seamlessly mixes with its graceful structure and makes for a gritty surprise.  A tragic film inspired by the worst elements of both cop and robber, “Brooklyn’s Finest” takes a dark look into those dark alleys of men’s souls.