Monday, April 5, 2010

TRICC Speaks - Anyone know a good improv class I can sign up for?

I cast a play about The Alamo once.  I cast a student film about two gay robots breaking up.  I've been known to cast a fishing line or crab trap every now and then, but I've never podcast. 

A few Sundays ago I was a guest on the podcast for the very thoughtful and well written blog, The Dark of the Matinee, which comes to us from one of the movie/TV capitals of the world, Toronto.  Well, the episode is now out there and though I can't deny that I was super nervous for most of the discussion and a few times I swear I have no idea where the words were coming from, I encourage you to listen, and to certainly put The Dark of the Matinee in your bookmarks.  I've listened to past podcasts and they are seriously entertaining and insightful.

The blog author/host, The Mad Hatter, and I cover a whole lot of ground from The Runaways to our top 5 biopics to me rambling about movies I can't actually remember seeing. It's good fun, especially when I loose my grasp of the English language.

So, here's my talkie debut. Don't forget to leave some feedback on The Dark of the Matinee. 

Midnight Radio: The Matineecast Episode 10