Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Fun: Oysters, Whitney, Smurfs and more!

Meat is bad, except for oysters 'cause they're not cute and don't fart.  Check out this article which proves that some people should not write about what they eat and why they eat it 'cause it can make them look stoopid.

From Slate: It's OK for Vegans to Eat Oysters. By Chris Cox.

He really gets hung up on the pain factor.  Obviously this man has never seen an episode of Mutual of Omaha's Wild America, Untamed and Uncut (the Animal Planet show, not the porn) or Shark Week.  Life is pain, highness. Animals hurt each other, and often, sometimes just while making sweet, sweet animal love. Deal with it, quasi-vegan.

(Thanks to Jesse and his provocative FB page for the link!  Also, I'm totally against factory farming and make ethical choices at ye olde grocery whenever I can financially swing it. Please do not mistake my irreverence for ignorance.)

(Picture: proof that the Interweb is a magical place.)