Friday, May 14, 2010

Robin Hood Redux

Just when you thought you didn't at all want to see a reboot of a story that you feel has been beaten to death over literally decades upon decades throughout the history of film comes yet another Robin Hood.  Yay!  Summer blockbuster season has begun!  (Yes, I know they began, like, last weekend with Iron Man 2, but I didn't see it, so shut up.)

Me and my historically accurate garb and weaponry are going to kick your ass.

If you’re looking for merry men living in nature and robbing the rich to feed the less fortunate, go queue up one of the 30 previous TV and film incarnations of this particular Anglo-Saxon legend. Sir Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood is not that movie.

Set in 12th century England at the end of King Richard’s campaign in the Crusades (just like the 1991 Kevin Costner version), Scott’s Robin Hood focuses on the politics more so than the merriment and thievery. A convoluted tale of England vs. France, double-crossings and tepid romance, this Robin Hood is mediocre, but thankfully sans green tights. The film, which opens tonight across the land, ends where most others start, and that’s not necessarily a good thing.