Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Fun! It's Fun for Your Friday!

OMG.  It's Friday. This weekend in Philly we have the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby, a giant pet adoption event at the Piazza that we can't go to 'cause we can't find an apartment that allows dogs that is not a total piece of crap in our price range, and I've had my banging new bike for two weeks now and I'm still in love - though I have not named it or decided if it's a boy or girl.  These things take time.  What else is going on?  Oh, I saw Get Him to the Greek this week (though I can't release my review until it opens on June 4th) and I got dog crap all over my shoes last night playing Bocce ball whilst drinking a 22oz can of Coors Light in a city park.  Yes, fair readers with children, you may commence your jealous rage in response to my swinging carefree

But, now some fun for all.  Please to enjoy.

20 Years Later: Henson Tributes From Across the Interweb

This past Sunday marked the 20 year anniversary of Jim Henson's death and the Interweb was chock full of lovely tributes.  I'll share some links with you and some of my favorite Henson memories. Those lucky enough to remember his work should never forget. I've said it before, but kids growing up today without Henson in their lives are truly missing something.  But, with DVD's, the recent resurgence of new Muppet material online and a much anticipated reboot in the works, let's hope more generations will get to experience the magic. Let's also hope that the Jason Segel penned relaunch does Henson justice - even though it is being created pretty much without Brian Henson.  I'm holding out hope, as Segel's shown his respect for the Muppets so far even though his actual puppeteering skills are clearly questionable. Also, he is one lucky SOB to get this opportunity and he best not cuss it up.