Monday, July 12, 2010

Quick Bite: Predators

I made fun of Predators' upcoming existence some time ago, along with a whole bunch of other re-vamps, re-launches, re-boots, and the like. Sure, I remember the original Predator with Arnold and the incomparable Mr. Carl Weathers, but it’s not like I’ve been catching all the crossovers with the alien from Alien (also, for the record. that bitch is way scarier than an armor clad infrared using dread-lock McGee any day).  But, who am I to pass up a Saturday matinee with some fellow nerds?  I think in general we were all satisfied and firmly agreed that if ever we were being hunted by an alien w/ a cloaking device, our first move in the game of survival would be to find Adrien Brody.  I also share my good friend’s sentiment that if ever there was a zombie apocalypse the first step would be to locate and befriend Timothy Olyphant.  (Also, there is a major Splice spoiler in this mini-review. You can't say I didn't warn you.)