Friday, July 16, 2010

Movie Review: Inception

 Inception, Christopher Nolan’s ambitious follow-up to the most haunting Batman movie ever made, The Dark Knight, opens today to a bevy of hype and expectation.  With glowing early reviews, Inception is touted to be the best film of the year.  Of course, that was last week when only 14 critics had their say.  Despite the few the not-so-glowing reviews trickling in, there is no doubt that this big movie will open big and clean up at the Oscars in a big way. The Dark Knight’s success allotted Inception a $160M price tag which allowed Nolan Carte blanche to create an almost limitless cinematic world around a psychological heist that trots around the globe and certainly bends minds.  This is Nolan’s baby and while it’s extremely impressive in scale and wonderfully complex and provocative, Inception is also overly academic, even dull at times, and its characters are soulless.  It should be a fantastic and dark venture into the human mind, but Inception never achieves the intimacy one might think you’d experience when occupying another’s dreams. This multi-layered head-trip is sculpted through meticulously calculated edits, a healthy does of obtuse exposition, special effects artistry and Leo DiCaprio’s tormented face.  And all that is still not enough to make me care about the fate of any the people that inhabit this particular Matrix.  And I was so looking forward to surrendering to basically anything made by the same director of not only one of the most successful movies of our time, but one capable of the eerie genius of Insomnia, and Memento.