Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Fun: Art, Boobs and Sharks

Wow, what a few crazy couple of weeks, right?  Everybody's arguing about tearing down a  former site of a Burlington Coat factory to build a terrorist training center or something a few blocks from the former WTC and Jennifer Aniston has a new quirky romantic comedy opening tonight which happens to be the 3rd film this year about sperm!  So many things to think about.  The oil leak has been pretty much stopped and the fishing boats are headed back out - except wait, scientists are now telling us that just because you can't "see" the oil doesn't mean there isn't a massive amount of toxins slowly killing the Gulf?  Let's just slow down there, brainiacs. An important looking lady on TV one Sunday morning told me that "most" of the oil has been dissipated by waves or whale farts or something, so I'm going to continue to stay focus on the important things at stuff I find on the Interweb.

It's Friday, fair readers, let's have some fun.