Friday, September 17, 2010

Movie Review: Truth, schmuth - I'm Still Here

So, JP's going on David Letterman next week for the first time since his very awkward exchange with the always charming host way back in 2009 and you can bet Mr. Phoenix won't be sporting bed head, a beard and dark shades.  Director, Casey Afflleck came clean in the NYT today that the "documentary" I'm Still Here, about his bro-in-law Joaquin Phoenix's retirement from acting announcement and his subsequent attempt at launching a drugged up and delusional hip hop career, was all made up - just a couple of  Hollywood elite buddies flexing their performance art muscles a bit and makin' a little digital movie. Affleck did not allude to that last part, that's all me.  Anyway, it's all "fake."  You know what?  Duh.