Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Fun: Lots of Videos Because I am Lazy

OK, what's been happening in the last few weeks?  Political ads make me savor regular commercials.  I found out that people would rather see the Phillies lose than attend the film fest premier of a Danny Boyle film (in hindsight, I would have too).  Yes, my review of 127 Hours is in the works. I have like 3 sentences written and you can't prove that I don't.  Um, Halloween has once again made me question my coolness, ability to be age appropriate and nearly broken up my marriage all in the quest to find a perfect costume to stand around and drink beer in.  And, I've been watching Conan's webisodes and might actually be moderately excited for his show to premier. If only I could stay up past 10:30.

But, that's enough about me. It's Friday. It's time for fun, damn it.  Speaking of "damn it." Did you see Glee's vanilla rendition of Rocky Horror.  I want to punch that show in the face so bad.