Friday, November 5, 2010

Quick Bite: Due Date

Which is a more horrific public spectacle, a masturbating man or a masturbating dog? Luckily, Due Date, which opens tonight, spares us deliberation by featuring both!  The Hangover and Old School might be considered absurd yet adept exercises in potty humor and wry commentaries on male fantasy, but Phillips’ tone is as offensive as it is abject in his latest flick. Galifianakis is a delusional aspiring actor from the sticks paired against Downey in a role that’s even more unlikable than Tony Stark (which I thought was impossible).  Due Date aims to be a hip, grittier, even more ridiculous Planes, Trains and Automobiles (although I think that film dropped more F-bombs), but without the legendary comedic chops of Candy and Martin and a cheeky Hughes script, its heartless and weak set up quickly devolves into cruelty to animals, children and worst of all, comedy. 

Movie Review: 127 Hours

Another reason why your mom would say headphones are dangerous.
 The 19th Annual Philadelphia Film Fest came and went last month.  While I didn’t get to see Black Swan (which I hear was pretty good), I managed to squeeze in an early viewing of Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours starring James Franco as hiker, Aron Ralston, who cut off his own arm with a dull blade, in the middle of nowhere after 5 days of being trapped in a canyon. Boyle has cranked out his share compelling films. From the gritty dreaminess of Trainspotting and unpredictable sci-fi horror flick Sunshine to the overrated feel-good Slumdog Millionare and his Manchester love letter Millions, his choices are diverse and he often surprises.  But it feels as though Boyle’s missing something in this very literal depiction of a man in the throes of unimaginable struggle and suffering.  Yes, the real Ralston is probably pretty hard core and interesting.  Danny Boyle’s telling of his story?  Not so much. And yes, I sort of feel like a jerk for not really liking this movie.