Friday, March 25, 2011

Movie Review: Sucker Punch

The major issue with Sucker Punch is that it’s supposed to take place in the mind of a traumatized 20 year old woman, but it’s clearly and painfully the product of a 15 year old boy that doesn’t get out of the basement much, what with all the video gaming and masturbating.  Zach Snyder (300, Watchmen), known for  form over substance has often been saved by rich and substantive source material, but he's responsible for the whole story this time and he is more than a little off his game.

Sucker Punch begins with the actual rise of the curtain and so starts the onslaught of heinous covers of rock classics, first person shooter antics and bevy of whore house theatrics that range in sentiment from loud to louder.  The heroine (Emily Browning), a pint-sized bleach blonde in pink and pigtails, does nothing but whimper and shriek for the first 10mins of the movie, as we are treated to the exposition of her tale of family woe as it would have been seen on MTV in the early 90’s in an Aerosmith video. Through the magic of music video, her tragic story begins with the death of her mother, the abuse of her father and death of her sister, the latter is pinned on her and she’s committed to a mental hospital and scheduled for a lobotomy in 5 days’ time, when the traveling lobotomy doc comes to their town.  The staff and inmates of this rundown and very sketchy facility are briefly introduced, but in order to cope with the horror of the situation, the young woman immediately closes her heavily made-up eyes and transports herself into a world where a 20 year old woman in 1950-something can find peace and hope…a whorehouse.